Bachata Dance Steps : Bachata Dancing Body Movement

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2 Bachata Dance Steps : Bachata Dancing Body MovementBody movement in bachata dancing has a lot of hip movements. Learn more about body movement in bachata dancing with tips from a professional dance instructor in this free dance lesson video.

Expert: Erika Occhipinti
Bio: Erika Occhipinti has taught thousands of students at her own Salsa Caliente Dance Studio in Tampa, Fla.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Duration : 0:2:2

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April 15, 2010

MrGreenban @ 1:16 pm #

dude scratches …

dude scratches ass.

LiLtokoyo @ 1:16 pm #

You would be a …
You would be a horrible teacher if your responce is you just have to feel it. You can break anything down and anyone can learn if you want to put the time and work into it.

SalsafixSATX @ 1:16 pm #


Marianosolano @ 1:16 pm #

Yes, he is.
Yes, he is.

sweetcheeksO125 @ 1:16 pm #

hey this is a good …
hey this is a good video for those who dont know how to dance bachata… yea you gotta feel it but just cuz you feel it it doesnt mean its gonna look beautiful… every type of dance has basic steps…

rnbsteenstar @ 1:16 pm #

forcing the hip can …
forcing the hip can cause injury too.

Sabelenna @ 1:16 pm #

Lol the guy reminds …
Lol the guy reminds me of an oompa loompa. But good job for us that don’t know anything :)

bolivianitosoy @ 1:16 pm #

@adejesus97 I …
@adejesus97 I suggest my good man to watch another video because you are not gonna get nothing from this video

adejesus97 @ 1:16 pm #

good video..yes it …
good video..yes it is about feeling but the main idea gets across here for non latin people who’ve never danced bachata before. In zumba we exagerate our hips to show the class what we are doing and for workout purposes only….I like how she says we really don’t dance that way!

dee07able @ 1:16 pm #

to dance bachata …
to dance bachata you just have to feel it, thats when it looks beautifull, there really is no steps to dancing bachata its all about feeling it

EmoDarkAngel101 @ 1:16 pm #

the guy lookc …
the guy lookc or sumthin

ShadowSoulSlayer @ 1:16 pm #

Isnt that Ataka …
Isnt that Ataka Jorgie

djlennondbm @ 1:16 pm #

Good Video…Thanks
Good Video…Thanks

licorde4 @ 1:16 pm #


sweetface217 @ 1:16 pm #

Yes, he’s cute. No, …
Yes, he’s cute. No, he isn’t gay. =)

carlos25099 @ 1:16 pm #

since you two are …
since you two are teaching the women movement where is the video for the guys????

corn2head @ 1:16 pm #

The guy is cute!
The guy is cute!

204deryck @ 1:16 pm #

put the volume up i …
put the volume up i needed 3 speakers on 2 hear u

007MrFelix @ 1:16 pm #


stefunie111 @ 1:16 pm #

i just saw the …
i just saw the other video of this and the guy didnt look that cute in the other one but now that i really look at him he is kinda cute lol……….but i bet he is gay……why do alot of cute fine guyz gotz 2 be gay?

MoeBFresh @ 1:16 pm #

he is a cutie!!
he is a cutie!!

jcintosalsa @ 1:16 pm #

the volume has to …
the volume has to be turned up!!!

crazypunk13 @ 1:16 pm #

eww sike hes ugly!!
eww sike hes ugly!!

POLMAZURKA @ 1:16 pm #

very nice and clear
very nice and clear

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