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The San Francisco Salsa Festival is almost here…

The San Francisco Summer Salsa Fest is happening in 2010, and it’s quite a big deal!

An AMAZING event taking place at the Parc 55 Hotel …
Bands, Workshops, Fun and Social Dancing…

This is going to be a stellar event. Stellar! The main event taking place in the heart of San Francisco, for three days, at a beautiful hotel (blocks away from Union Square) – you need to plan.

Can you hear it? Can you hear it coming?
That’s the sound of the biggest salsa dance event of the summer, and it’s coming your way … but you have to get on board, FAST!

Here’s the scoop, limited room, and tickets are selling very quick, and this is probably the first time you even heard about it. My apologies about that – but you have to act now.

I wanted to give you some details too …

First, the website is now LIVE – which is great!
(and yes, we know about the error, we are working on it).

Second, we’re booking three stellar bands for the fest (plus some secret surprises). We’ll have the Bay Area’s top musicians and acts with us every night. Avance, Montuno Swing AND Mazacote, shaking the salsa room all night long!

Third, we’re partnering with the second most fun and social event of the Summer, the San Francisco Bachata Festival, under in the same hotel, at the same time. Your tickets give you access to BOTH Festivals. We’re Partners (and now you are too). This is one, big, super, stupendous, event …

Really it’s mind boggling how great this is going to be.
But, ask yourself, do you have tickets? If not, the prices ARE
increasing, and you have days to act to secure the least expensive tickets.

Honestly, you can’t miss out on this event!

Fourth– This is a fun festival for ALL dance levels (and no, we aren not just saying that). Here, there are five rooms of entertainment. That’s right. Five rooms. That’s tons of lessons and workshops going on every day, at all levels, with the best teachers from ALL OVER THE WORLD. You’ll learn SO much!

Fifth, performers. We’re not having many, but we are booking the best. Performance groups need to contact, please include demo reel, and # of performers.

Sixth, The hotel is becoming packed– and we all know what happens when that occurs! Yes, they increase rates.
The hotel is inexpensive right now … so make your reservations now.

I suggest that all local San Franciscans reserve a room too! It’s an incredibly cheap and very central hotel. If you live here, or are traveling from abroad, you’re going to love it.

I could keep writing about all the amazing things planned, but it’s a Thursday, and I don’t want to overwhelm you (plus, I’d like to go outside and play with my iPad).

Here are the steps, in order:

1) Visit the site, grabRe your tickets!

2) Reserve your Hotel Rooms

3) Book your Flights

My personal recommendations! While you could only make arrangements for the main weekend, and the main events, this is San Francisco, and there is A LOT to do here. Please, make sure to allow yourself extra time by coming early. We have 4 days of events leading up to the main festival activities.

Experience San Francisco during the day and night – you’ll love it!

See ya’ This Summer. Please Invite your Friends to the Facebook group:

No, it’s not a Salsa Congress, and certainly not the San Francisco Salsa Congress. It’s a Festival …

What’s the difference? Well, fewer performances for one. A lot fewer performances. That’s probably one of the main differences, yet still, we’ll be showcasing several exceptional dance teams and performers.

Of course, they’ll be all day workshops as well, and classes for all levels (yes, even beginner classes), which certainly sets it apart. A real strong focus on beginner’s and intermediate’s. But it’s more …

The Festival is foremost about FUN … Like, having as much as possible.
The Festival caters to beginners …
The Festival places SOCIAL Dancing above all else …
The Festival showcases the BEST music …
The Festival is in San Francisco, right off Union Square …
The Festival is a week long event, with the final four days at the Parc 55 Hotel …

Hmmm … what else? Oh yeh, a few thousand of our closest friends, with room to dance, mingle and spread the LOVE OF SALSA!

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2 Tanja & Nery Salsa dancingSONG: Me Tienes Loco - Ismael Rivera

Tanja & Nery from Fort Myers tearing up the dance floor… Born to Salsa social, Canadian Club, Hallandale, FL…

Duration : 0:3:37

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Salsa dancing is a high energy, high impact, and exotic style of dance that that is as addictive to watch as it is to perform. Cuba gets the credit for Salsa’s origins in the 1950’s but it was the influence of Puerto Rico and many of the nearby Caribbean islands that made Salsa what it is today. By the 1970’s Salsa’s popularity really began to take off. This is the period when the term Salsa was the term used to describe this style of dance. Since then, this dance has become more and more popular for its sexy moves, excellent exercise, and the exciting music that comes with it.

As Salsa has become more popular so has the need for the dance wear that is needed when you dance. Shoes are one of the most important parts of dance wear for the dancer. Dance shoes differ from regular in many ways. First regular shoes are designed to look attractive as its first priority, and then they are made to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, compromises have to be made. The most beautiful shoes are certainly not necessarily comfortable if not uncomfortable and they will not be made for high impact activities. Dance shoes on the other hand, are designed from the beginning for comfort, grip on slick surfaces, light weight, and durability. After these features are designed into the shoe, then the looks of the shoe are developed. There are shoes available that are just as sexy and beautiful as regular shoe but are comfortable, durable, and light enough to dance in. In addition, you don’t necessarily have to pay more to have all of these features. Websites such as has a full selection of dance shoes at deep discounted prices to make them as affordable as regular shoes!

The next most important piece of dance wear you will absolutely have to have is your dance outfit. Much like shoes, the outfits made for dancing are greatly different than outfits made for regular wear and tear. Just as a runner would not run in blue jeans, a dancer would not Salsa dance in a formal dress. Dance wear is designed for ease of movement, comfort, and durability. With the exotic designs and styles of the outfits desired for salsa dancing, it is important to find a store that specializes in Salsa dance wear. The owners at state on their site, “With over 25 years in the dance industry we understand what dancers look for. Over the years we couldn’t find the quality, uniqueness, and prices we desired. We now can offer it to all dancers.”

Finally, you will want to get your dance wear accessories to go with your dance outfit, you will need to find durable jewelry that can stand up to the rigors of the intense moves that Salsa dancing demands. Bags and purses are available that are designed with dance wear storage in mind. These will have heavy duty components as well as extra large pockets for ease of use. Once you have your dance wear together it’s time to get out and dance!


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I want fast upbeat remix latin songs that you can really salsa dance to.

I like the song, "Sauvemente", but what other latin songs can you salsa dance to?

I have a cd called ‘Club Latino’. Most of the songs on here are quite upbeat but I don’t think that the are remixes:

El Porompero
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Paris Latino
Que Pasa
Dr. Beat
Kalimba De Luna
Hey Mambo
La Bamba
El Ritmo Del Diablo
I Go To Rio
Pandeiro E Viola
Ole! O’Cangaceiro
La Isla Bonita
Que Sera Mi Vida
Banana Boat Song 9Mr. Tallyman)
Oye Como Va

Sorry it doesn’t say the artists but I’m sure that if you type them up on youtube you will get the song.

Hope this helps!

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2 Best Salsa DanceOne of the best salsa dancing

Duration : 0:1:38

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You may have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. Yes it is true because constant practice can really lead you to perfection and this is applicable to salsa dancing. By practicing salsa dance steps, you can master dances like cuban salsa.

Practicing away from the class is an essential part of the learning process and you should be dancing salsa as frequent as you can. It is of great importance to practice the right moves correctly.

When you start, you have take it in slow step moves and count out loud. As you learn each of the steps and the timing you will be able to speed up what you are performing.

Choose some slow tempo or you start your salsa dancing without music. Just by counting, you can later move to faster tracks as you become more efficient at the timing and foot work.

If your class provides free dancing after the class use it to practice the moves you have just learned to get them clear and fixed in your mind; remember to right them down.

If you cannot practice right after the lesson spend some time at home with your notes performing for at least half an hour within in the next 2 days after the lesson.

Below are some steps that can help you when you practice:

1. Look a dance partner to practice with. Usually, people come to classes on their own; this presents them with a problem as they have no one to practice with. Find yourself a practice partner from your class who desires to put the work in with you to elevate their Salsa dancing skills.

2. If you have no practice partner, do not worry, you may think that this is a slightly silly suggestion but bare with us. We have all sang into an imaginary microphone or played air guitar at home; oh come on of course you have; no practice partner does not mean you cannot practice!

It is time to dance with an imaginary dance partner step out the move and steps as if you have a partner, remember count out loud to the music.

3. Repeat the same sequence again and again until you are already familiar with the steps. Learning is an art form and its effectiveness depends on your learning skills. Doing the sequence all over again can effectively make you to master the salsa dance

4. Dance with every body you can. We have said before that Salsa is a social dance and you can make a sociable experience with it; its part of what makes it so enjoyable. This will help you progress your salsa dancing skills.

These are some useful tips which you can apply when you want to learn salsa dance steps effectively. See you on the dance floor

Stephen Campbell

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Does anyone know where I can do a beginners dance lesson in SE London – I live in Surrey Quays and am interested in doing any dance lessons in the evenings,

Hey Louise S,

Here are a few web sites. The first one is South London.

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2 Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginners for more salsa dance lessons videos!

Learn the basic steps to salsa dancing free. This salsa dance video is a ‘practice with us’ salsa dance video. So, I hope you enjoy the basic steps to salsa dancing for beginners.

Duration : 0:6:36

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