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San Francisco, July 12th, 2010 – July 18th, 2010, salsa dancers from all over the world will be taking over the Parc 55 Hotel on Union Square. In partnership with San Francisco Bachata Festival the Summer Salsa Festival will begin the week with several pre-parties around San Francisco. The main event will be held at the Parc 55 Hotel from July 16th – 18th.

On Monday, July 12th at 7:00pm, the salsa/bachata festival will start off with a pre-festival party in Rockit Room located on 426 Clement St., San Francisco. A beginner dance lesson is offered starting at 7:00pm. At 9:30 pm the venue will turn into a dance party with several DJ’s including DJ SalsaCrazy, Rodchata, Fab Fred, Juan Gil, Hokoku, Marky Mark, And Jerem-ahiah playing their mix of salsa, bachata, timba, and other Latin music.

The pre-festival parties continue at Glas Kat on 420 4th st. the following day on Tuesday, July 13th with the band Son de Cana playing live Salsa and Bachata music. On Wednesday, July 14th, the festival party goers will be seen at the Jelly Pier 50 on 295 Terry Francois Blvd located right on the waterfront where a salsa/bachata workshop will be provided by international dance artists Magna Gopal from New York and Camilla Yannantuno from Los Angeles.

The last pre-party before the main salsa festival event will be held on Thursday, July 15th at the Roccapulco Supper Club located on 3150 Mission Street where live music will be provided by Montuno Swing.

On Friday, July 16th, the actual salsa festival at the Parc 55 Hotel located at 55 Cyril Magnin St. will kick off. That night the band Avance will be playing live salsa. Participants can attend to take dance workshops and classes in all levels from absolute beginner to advanced dance classes. During the night, world-class performers will take the stage for shows. After the shows festival pass holders can enjoy both salsa and/or bachata social dancing in different ballrooms through out the night. On Saturday, July 17th, the workshops, classes, and performances continue. As a highlight for that night Dominque Marte with his full band playing live bachata music at the bachata ballroom and Mazacote playing salsa in the salsa ballroom.

On the last day of the Summer Salsa Festival on Sunday, July 18th dancers can practise and learn their last salsa moves of the festival from different instructors and dance the night off with Freddie Munoz and his band. The event is hosted by Juan Gil and DJ Fab Fred.

For more information about the Summer Salsa Festival, visit

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SalsaCrazy’s Summer Salsa Dance Festival launches in San Francisco the week of July 12th, that’s next week!

Do you have you your tickets?
A Massive Salsa Festival in San Francisco!
You do not want to miss this event!

Summer Salsa Festival – Details and Tickets and RSVPs
We’re less than a WEEK away! We have new RSVPs and Details
This is a long message, but lots of Info here:

According to the latest pricing update at, the “drop-In” Prices Information (NOT Offered Online) are as follows…

Nights Only
- Friday $35
- Saturday $55
- Sunday $45

MY ADVICE: There is a special Online offer for 3-Night Passes expiring on Juy 12th, Buy it here


This is just for the nights, all 3, and does not include Daytime Workshops. It’s a great deal to experience the whole night-time festivities.;

But, why come only for the nights, when dozens of the best tecers in the world are teaching all day in 5 ballrooms? You have to take these classes.

The Full Day and Night Passes “Drop-in” Prices (Not Offered Online) are a LOT more than a FULL pass, which means …

- Friday $100
- Saturday $150
- Sunday $120

That is a total of $370 if you just “drop in” on each night!
But you can get it for MUCH less AND get the pre-parties FREE!

MY ADVICE: Buy the “full pass” for $250!

It’s a great deal, it includes everything.
It’s an all access pass for 8 days!
Buy it here:; – YOU SAVE OVER $120

Here are all your options for passes:


Remember, you get BIG discounts if you buy your tickets online!


On to the Schedule and RSVPs! We have a NEW Sunday Party too.
Remember, Full Pass above gets you into ALL PreParties for free!


Sunday Night (Brand New) East Bay “Best of the Bay” Party!

Monday Night, 2 Levels, Salsa and Bachata at Rockit Room:

Tuesday Night at the Glas Kat, Salsa and Bachata Dance and Live Music with Son de Cana (playing Salsa and Bachata) – hot!

Wednesday Night at Jellys Pier 50, with Diva Ladies Workshop:

Thursday Night – Roccapulco Suppper Club, with Montuno Swing!

The MAIN Event at Parc 55 Hotel:

Wow, lots of invites for you! Lots of parties …
Next week is going to be SO Crazy.


Woohoo, Start Planning for next week!

Please Note: All Hotels, even our overflow, are selling out – so if you plan to stay downtown and haven’t already secured your hotel, you’ll want to get right on that.

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Hello Everyone! The salsa festival is getting closer, and closer, and just growing and growing (each and every day). It’s like a salsa congress – just more fun. ;) Joking. Relax. We’re now up to seven bands?! Really … Seven salsa and bachata bands? Wow!  Five pre-parties? Five nights of pre-parties? I’ll be too tired to actually make it through the main event!

As some salsa congresses enter their 10th year, I am constantly reminded of what salsa was like prior to salsa congresses. Prior to salsa dance troupes. Prior to endless latin ballroom salsa dance competitions. Prior to the dance evolving into a complex mathematic like art form. Yes, I am that old.  It’s great the way the dance has evolved and grown over time, however, in that period, something was lost. Was it the connection? Was it the passion? Was it the love of the music? Or was it just the fun of it all?

And that’s why! That’s why we’re doing a salsa festival? Because salsa festivals are first and foremost about fun! They can be about the dance. They can be about the music.  They can be … festive!  What did I love so much about the bachata festival, put on by Rodchata, last year? It was fun! I mean, it was really fun. I had a blast, from beginning to end, and more importantly, so did everyone else. Even rote beginners, absolutely loved it.  It was not just about the performances, but more about introducing the dance and sharing their love of the dance and the music.

That’s what SalsaCrazy has always been about. We’re deeply rooted in the love of the music and the dance, and we want to share that feeling. We’re not so much into the competitive aspect, nor even the performance aspect, but we love the social dancing and the music. That’s where our passions are. That’s what we want to share!

Am I reminiscent of a time where all the dancer’s in a salsa were actually singing lyrics on the dance floor, ear-to-ear grins on their faces, completely enraptured in their connection with their partners? Yes. You don’t often find that on any dance floor around the world anymore. In fact, on many salsa club dance floors you’d be hard pressed to actually find any lyrics being played (not that I’m not a fan of the instrumental – I certainly am).  It seems, as the dance matures, that the smiles are mostly set on the faces of the beginners. That being said, no rants (yet).

We’re here to reclaim those smiles! The salsa festival is foremost about fun, social dancing, and the celebration of the music and the passion. The rest is icing on the cake. You want to dance with 10 different people in 10 different style, from 10 different places around the world? This is the Salsa Festival for you.

That’s what I found at the Bachata Festival, and that’s what the combination Salsa and Bachata Festival will bring to you in the summer of 2010 in San Francisco. One hell of an amazingly good time – learning, dancing, music, and yes, even being awed by the ocassional salsa dance show.

One ticket this summer, gets you into both events, in the center of San Francisco, at one of the nicest hotels in the city (at an incredibly cheap price). That same ticket gets you into all workshops, parties, and nightly dances, as well as five days of pre-parties, where you never have to pay another dime. It’s a crazy good deal.

Do you have your San Francisco Salsa Festival ticket yet? If not, now is the time. Prices are rising every two weeks, and you need but check the website to find out how quickly ticket sales are taking place …

Singles, couples, groups of friends – this festival is for you! Never danced? You can learn there! Beginners are welcomed. Intermediates are adored, and advanced … well, we all love the advanced dancers. We know you’ll be there anyway. ;)

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