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I want fast upbeat remix latin songs that you can really salsa dance to.

I like the song, "Sauvemente", but what other latin songs can you salsa dance to?

I have a cd called ‘Club Latino’. Most of the songs on here are quite upbeat but I don’t think that the are remixes:

El Porompero
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Paris Latino
Que Pasa
Dr. Beat
Kalimba De Luna
Hey Mambo
La Bamba
El Ritmo Del Diablo
I Go To Rio
Pandeiro E Viola
Ole! O’Cangaceiro
La Isla Bonita
Que Sera Mi Vida
Banana Boat Song 9Mr. Tallyman)
Oye Como Va

Sorry it doesn’t say the artists but I’m sure that if you type them up on youtube you will get the song.

Hope this helps!

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2 Bachata danceDancing bachata is great

Duration : 0:3:24

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2 Best Salsa DanceOne of the best salsa dancing

Duration : 0:1:38

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You may have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. Yes it is true because constant practice can really lead you to perfection and this is applicable to salsa dancing. By practicing salsa dance steps, you can master dances like cuban salsa.

Practicing away from the class is an essential part of the learning process and you should be dancing salsa as frequent as you can. It is of great importance to practice the right moves correctly.

When you start, you have take it in slow step moves and count out loud. As you learn each of the steps and the timing you will be able to speed up what you are performing.

Choose some slow tempo or you start your salsa dancing without music. Just by counting, you can later move to faster tracks as you become more efficient at the timing and foot work.

If your class provides free dancing after the class use it to practice the moves you have just learned to get them clear and fixed in your mind; remember to right them down.

If you cannot practice right after the lesson spend some time at home with your notes performing for at least half an hour within in the next 2 days after the lesson.

Below are some steps that can help you when you practice:

1. Look a dance partner to practice with. Usually, people come to classes on their own; this presents them with a problem as they have no one to practice with. Find yourself a practice partner from your class who desires to put the work in with you to elevate their Salsa dancing skills.

2. If you have no practice partner, do not worry, you may think that this is a slightly silly suggestion but bare with us. We have all sang into an imaginary microphone or played air guitar at home; oh come on of course you have; no practice partner does not mean you cannot practice!

It is time to dance with an imaginary dance partner step out the move and steps as if you have a partner, remember count out loud to the music.

3. Repeat the same sequence again and again until you are already familiar with the steps. Learning is an art form and its effectiveness depends on your learning skills. Doing the sequence all over again can effectively make you to master the salsa dance

4. Dance with every body you can. We have said before that Salsa is a social dance and you can make a sociable experience with it; its part of what makes it so enjoyable. This will help you progress your salsa dancing skills.

These are some useful tips which you can apply when you want to learn salsa dance steps effectively. See you on the dance floor

Stephen Campbell

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Juan Ruiz bachata danceMy name is Juan Ruiz. I learnt Bachata in the USA, many years ago, almost a decade ago. The Bachata I learnt was influenced by the Dominicans, Puertoricans, Mexicans and other Latinos living in Chicago, USA. As it probably happened to you as well, I felt in love with the music and I felt in love with the dance right away.

Listening to Aventura’s song “Obsession” or Monchy y Alexandra’s “Dos locos” in the nightclub made me want to grab the first available lady and start dancing close Bachata with her. I learnt the close Bachata movements, I learnt the dips, I learnt the turn combinations, I really thought that I learnt everything that there was to Bachata (Now I know I learnt what is known as Bachata Traditional).

But then it happened that all Bachata dances started to look the same, all the Bachata dances started to feel the same. Lucky me, I wasn’t alone on this, other people were experiencing the same dilemmas:

  • Bachata is very simple, I don’t need to take classes anymore (or start taking classes)
  • I know my Bachata step, therefore I don’t need to learn new things
  • Is there anything else to Bachata?

I watched the salsa dancers get crazy on the dance floor with new combinations, new set of shines, body movements, and I always wondered, why can’t I do this with my Bachata? It is then, than on my quest to improve my Bachata skills, I came across dancers/instructors that experienced the same thing that I did, and that have started pushing the boundaries of Bachata.

Bachata danceSo I ventured on my journey to improve my Bachata skills. On my trip to the Malaysia Salsa Festival 2008, I met Inaki Fernandez, a Bachata/salsa instructor from Spain. Even though I didn’t take his workshop, I observed the way he danced. He did the Bachata traditional step, but then he started adding crosses on different counts of the Bachata beat, I knew then that there was more to Bachata traditional!

It is then that I started working on the Bachata Moderna style with my dance partner back in Sydney, Australia. We didn’t focus on styling, we focused on learning the new fundamentals – For a new style to become a style, it has to have a set of fundamentals that can be used on any turn pattern or combination and should be lead-able.

Just by adding the Bachata Moderna fundamentals on my Bachata traditional have made so much difference. Now that I know Bachata Moderna, and I know how to incorporate the Cross on1, Cross on2, Cross on3, Cross Over, the about turn, and other fundamentals, I can enjoy my Bachata dance once again. Bachata is no longer a side to side step with the same type of turn patterns; now I can lead my partner on different directions, I can surprised her with turns, and I can do new things during the song, I can move freely on the dance floor.

As people say “change is the only constant in the universe”, Bachata dancing is changing, it’s evolving, and I invite you to try new styles of Bachata, new variations. I thank all the instructors that are pushing the boundaries of Bachata (Inaki, Jorge Elizondo, Tony  Lara, Rodney Aquino, Carlos Cinta, to name a few). Thanks to them, Bachata has become a world-known dance style. Now we can enjoy Bachata Tango, Bachata Urbana and other variations, as well as the well known Bachata Traditional and Bachata Dominican style.

Now, I hope to see you dancing more Bachata in the clubs!

Bachata Moderna Dance Video 1

Bachata Moderna Dance Video 2

Juan Ruiz

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i live in wack ass north carolina and i cant find any studios that teach people how to dance bachata

You need lessons for bachata?
If you can dance American rhythm or International Latin ballroom dances, you can pick up bachata in about thirty seconds of watching it.

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Does anyone know where I can do a beginners dance lesson in SE London – I live in Surrey Quays and am interested in doing any dance lessons in the evenings,

Hey Louise S,

Here are a few web sites. The first one is South London.

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2 Xtreme Te Extrano ~  Original versionPerforming Xtreme “Te Extraño” Bachata version
This is original choreography and performance by Ataca Jorgie y La Alemana.


Duration : 0:3:48

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2 Learn to Dance Salsa : Basic Steps for Beginnershttp://addicted2salsa.com for more salsa dance lessons videos!

Learn the basic steps to salsa dancing free. This salsa dance video is a ‘practice with us’ salsa dance video. So, I hope you enjoy the basic steps to salsa dancing for beginners.

Duration : 0:6:36

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