Salsa Dancing and Salsa Dance Wear

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Salsa dancing is a high energy, high impact, and exotic style of dance that that is as addictive to watch as it is to perform. Cuba gets the credit for Salsa’s origins in the 1950’s but it was the influence of Puerto Rico and many of the nearby Caribbean islands that made Salsa what it is today. By the 1970’s Salsa’s popularity really began to take off. This is the period when the term Salsa was the term used to describe this style of dance. Since then, this dance has become more and more popular for its sexy moves, excellent exercise, and the exciting music that comes with it.

As Salsa has become more popular so has the need for the dance wear that is needed when you dance. Shoes are one of the most important parts of dance wear for the dancer. Dance shoes differ from regular in many ways. First regular shoes are designed to look attractive as its first priority, and then they are made to be as comfortable as possible. Of course, compromises have to be made. The most beautiful shoes are certainly not necessarily comfortable if not uncomfortable and they will not be made for high impact activities. Dance shoes on the other hand, are designed from the beginning for comfort, grip on slick surfaces, light weight, and durability. After these features are designed into the shoe, then the looks of the shoe are developed. There are shoes available that are just as sexy and beautiful as regular shoe but are comfortable, durable, and light enough to dance in. In addition, you don’t necessarily have to pay more to have all of these features. Websites such as has a full selection of dance shoes at deep discounted prices to make them as affordable as regular shoes!

The next most important piece of dance wear you will absolutely have to have is your dance outfit. Much like shoes, the outfits made for dancing are greatly different than outfits made for regular wear and tear. Just as a runner would not run in blue jeans, a dancer would not Salsa dance in a formal dress. Dance wear is designed for ease of movement, comfort, and durability. With the exotic designs and styles of the outfits desired for salsa dancing, it is important to find a store that specializes in Salsa dance wear. The owners at state on their site, “With over 25 years in the dance industry we understand what dancers look for. Over the years we couldn’t find the quality, uniqueness, and prices we desired. We now can offer it to all dancers.”

Finally, you will want to get your dance wear accessories to go with your dance outfit, you will need to find durable jewelry that can stand up to the rigors of the intense moves that Salsa dancing demands. Bags and purses are available that are designed with dance wear storage in mind. These will have heavy duty components as well as extra large pockets for ease of use. Once you have your dance wear together it’s time to get out and dance!


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April 13, 2010

lluvyanna @ 11:28 pm #

what kind of shoes should you wear to go salsa dancing or hip hop dancing like reggaeton ?
because i like to wear platform shoes like espadrilles or cork bottoms because im not very good in heels but i love to dance.

April 14, 2010

Jessica @ 4:30 am #

salsa and hip hop are two WAYY different things. Hip hop is like freaking and stuff like that. If you want an outfit that works for both of them, it’s gonna be REALLY hard. Espadrilles might work for hip hop, but not for salsa. Salsa shoes are low heel.
References :

italian @ 4:32 am #

I would have to agree that hip hop is completely different from salsa. For hip hop I would recommend sneakers (not running ones) and for salsa I would say a small heel not too big though. Especially for hip hop you won’t wanna heel, more of a flat sneaker that your comfortable in because you have to be able to move easily. I am not good in heels either, but if you want to dress it up a little try flats or boots
References :

curious woman @ 4:34 am #

then get short heels that are not as thick as the ones you are wearing now. thats all i ever by. i dont even like short skinny hills. to see a big variety go to biggest shoe store where you are.
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moni moni @ 4:36 am #

I guess for hip hop some comfortable sneakers
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