Tanja & Nery Salsa dancing

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2 Tanja & Nery Salsa dancingSONG: Me Tienes Loco - Ismael Rivera

Tanja & Nery from Fort Myers tearing up the dance floor… Born to Salsa social, Canadian Club, Hallandale, FL…

Duration : 0:3:37

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April 15, 2010

parrokent @ 1:16 pm #

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG…… 1:08 im sooooooooo gonna try this one

JavierMakesMovies13 @ 1:16 pm #


pitbullman77 @ 1:16 pm #

Nery is great, but …
Nery is great, but Tanja is so perfect. She’s so…light. She’s so easy to lead, perfect timing, lovely body move, wonderful turns and most important she smiles all the time. Fully Inspirational for every male. with a partner like her u can do miracles.

CandieKisses1986 @ 1:16 pm #

wow amazing…….
wow amazing…….

newgladius @ 1:16 pm #

suave :)
suave :)

soccertony53 @ 1:16 pm #


soccertony53 @ 1:16 pm #

How long have they …
How long have they been dancing together to dance like that? Or can u just take any girl and have her dance like that? Just curious

jlesp91376 @ 1:16 pm #

Bailan bien suave, …
Bailan bien suave, no me canzo de ver sus vueltas para estudiarlas y haci poder aprender a bailar mejor de lo que ya se! Pa delante Latinos y todos Los salseros, arriva la salsa.

maxtube1 @ 1:16 pm #

@rcolon82 Oh …
@rcolon82 Oh yeah!, Im totally sure that you can do better, you dumbass

movleasto @ 1:16 pm #

Learn to dance… …
Learn to dance… and try to keep the beat! The only thing I can say is: “Tanya, you’re sexy, babe…”

jerramy @ 1:16 pm #

@churro916 Yeah, …
@churro916 Yeah, he’s high bad… I have no hope of competing…

jerramy @ 1:16 pm #

These people are so …
These people are so lucky that they do what they love doing in life. It doesn’t matter if you think they do it well, which I actually think they do, but that they love doing it. What more can be said?

kannai3355 @ 1:16 pm #

@ rcolon82
The …

@ rcolon82
The music isnt always in sync with the video. And please post a video of you dancing…I’m curious.

thopas @ 1:16 pm #

maybe …

maybe you are dumb???

vintagedoll1920 @ 1:16 pm #

I like how they …
I like how they both have the opportunity to “shine”

thopas @ 1:16 pm #

dear boy …

dear boy, maybe you should scratch your eyes if you cannot see out and put wax in your ears if you can’t count.

Sedated11 @ 1:16 pm #

@rcolon, who care’s …
@rcolon, who care’s they look like theyre having a of a time. stfu.

yutheman123 @ 1:16 pm #

@rcolon82 You must …
@rcolon82 You must not know what you’re talking about if you think they’re not on beat/look robotic. How long have you been dancing? A day? I don’t think you’re qualified to judge.

Ferdezo @ 1:16 pm #


SalseroMontreal @ 1:16 pm #

rcolon82 i don’t …
rcolon82 i don’t know what you’re talking about! They both have great musicality with many punches!!!

rcolon82 @ 1:16 pm #

are you guys tone …
are you guys tone deaf!!! … not only does he look robotic… but he is not even dancing on beat

rcolon82 @ 1:16 pm #

are you guys tone …
are you guys tone deaf!!! … not only does he look robotic… but he is not even dancing on beat

damjen666 @ 1:16 pm #

This move at 0:44 …
This move at 0:44 always amazes me… :)

damilkman91 @ 1:16 pm #

umm !!! yeah NO!!!
umm !!! yeah NO!!!

mamboking136 @ 1:16 pm #

homie got flow big …
homie got flow big up to my ON2 crew keep representin sweet sweetz holla

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