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SalsaCrazy’s Summer Salsa Dance Festival launches in San Francisco the week of July 12th, that’s next week!

Do you have you your tickets?
A Massive Salsa Festival in San Francisco!
You do not want to miss this event!

Summer Salsa Festival – Details and Tickets and RSVPs
We’re less than a WEEK away! We have new RSVPs and Details
This is a long message, but lots of Info here:

According to the latest pricing update at, the “drop-In” Prices Information (NOT Offered Online) are as follows…

Nights Only
- Friday $35
- Saturday $55
- Sunday $45

MY ADVICE: There is a special Online offer for 3-Night Passes expiring on Juy 12th, Buy it here


This is just for the nights, all 3, and does not include Daytime Workshops. It’s a great deal to experience the whole night-time festivities.;

But, why come only for the nights, when dozens of the best tecers in the world are teaching all day in 5 ballrooms? You have to take these classes.

The Full Day and Night Passes “Drop-in” Prices (Not Offered Online) are a LOT more than a FULL pass, which means …

- Friday $100
- Saturday $150
- Sunday $120

That is a total of $370 if you just “drop in” on each night!
But you can get it for MUCH less AND get the pre-parties FREE!

MY ADVICE: Buy the “full pass” for $250!

It’s a great deal, it includes everything.
It’s an all access pass for 8 days!
Buy it here:; – YOU SAVE OVER $120

Here are all your options for passes:


Remember, you get BIG discounts if you buy your tickets online!


On to the Schedule and RSVPs! We have a NEW Sunday Party too.
Remember, Full Pass above gets you into ALL PreParties for free!


Sunday Night (Brand New) East Bay “Best of the Bay” Party!

Monday Night, 2 Levels, Salsa and Bachata at Rockit Room:

Tuesday Night at the Glas Kat, Salsa and Bachata Dance and Live Music with Son de Cana (playing Salsa and Bachata) – hot!

Wednesday Night at Jellys Pier 50, with Diva Ladies Workshop:

Thursday Night – Roccapulco Suppper Club, with Montuno Swing!

The MAIN Event at Parc 55 Hotel:

Wow, lots of invites for you! Lots of parties …
Next week is going to be SO Crazy.


Woohoo, Start Planning for next week!

Please Note: All Hotels, even our overflow, are selling out – so if you plan to stay downtown and haven’t already secured your hotel, you’ll want to get right on that.

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Yes, it’s San Francisco Bachata Festival time. This is huge – and it’s coming your way, Summer 2010! The San Francisco Bachata Festival, now in it’s second year, is an amazing piece of work put on by Rodney “Rodchata” Aquino, the grand-daddy of Bachata in the US.

This 8 day long bachata dance festival is a bachata dancer’s dream, with live bachata music (Domenic Marte), and instructors travelling from all over the world to participate. As a dancer, I can safely say, that if you dance bachata, you’ll probably be attending this festival (if not, there’d be a really good reason). Most every bachata dancer in the US attends this amazing event …

The main event, taking place at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco (central San Francisco – the best spot in the city), is from July 16-19th. This year, the event is teamed with a Salsa Festival, to make it a complete experience for the Bachatero. Tons of pre-parties means you should plan to attend this event early.

All skill levels are encouraged to attend, even (and especially) rote beginners, as the purpose of the festival is two fold: both to have an amazing event for existing bachata dancers, but also to reach out to new bachata dancers, and spread the love of the dance and the music.

There’s simply no place else in the world that the bachata dancer (and aspiring bachata dancer) needs to be. We hope to see you at this years, San Francisco Bachata Festival.

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