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SalsaCrazy’s Summer Salsa Dance Festival launches in San Francisco the week of July 12th, that’s next week!

Do you have you your tickets?
A Massive Salsa Festival in San Francisco!
You do not want to miss this event!

Summer Salsa Festival – Details and Tickets and RSVPs
We’re less than a WEEK away! We have new RSVPs and Details
This is a long message, but lots of Info here:

According to the latest pricing update at http://www.SummerSalsaFest.com.com, the “drop-In” Prices Information (NOT Offered Online) are as follows…

Nights Only
- Friday $35
- Saturday $55
- Sunday $45

MY ADVICE: There is a special Online offer for 3-Night Passes expiring on Juy 12th, Buy it here

NIGHT PASS: http://bit.ly/nightpass

This is just for the nights, all 3, and does not include Daytime Workshops. It’s a great deal to experience the whole night-time festivities.


But, why come only for the nights, when dozens of the best tecers in the world are teaching all day in 5 ballrooms? You have to take these classes.

The Full Day and Night Passes “Drop-in” Prices (Not Offered Online) are a LOT more than a FULL pass, which means …

- Friday $100
- Saturday $150
- Sunday $120

That is a total of $370 if you just “drop in” on each night!
But you can get it for MUCH less AND get the pre-parties FREE!

MY ADVICE: Buy the “full pass” for $250!
-> http://bit.ly/fullpass

It’s a great deal, it includes everything.
It’s an all access pass for 8 days!
Buy it here: http://www.facebook.com/l/f7a116yo3Mx_UrjuUpDARp-jLnQ;bit.ly/fullpass – YOU SAVE OVER $120

Here are all your options for passes:

NIGHT PASS: http://bit.ly/nightpass
FULL PASS: http://bit.ly/fullpass (BEST DEAL)
ALL OPTIONS: http://www.SummerSalsaFest.com/register.htm

Remember, you get BIG discounts if you buy your tickets online!


On to the Schedule and RSVPs! We have a NEW Sunday Party too.
Remember, Full Pass above gets you into ALL PreParties for free!


Sunday Night (Brand New) East Bay “Best of the Bay” Party!

Monday Night, 2 Levels, Salsa and Bachata at Rockit Room:


Tuesday Night at the Glas Kat, Salsa and Bachata Dance and Live Music with Son de Cana (playing Salsa and Bachata) – hot!

Wednesday Night at Jellys Pier 50, with Diva Ladies Workshop: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123738630998777

Thursday Night – Roccapulco Suppper Club, with Montuno Swing!


The MAIN Event at Parc 55 Hotel:


Wow, lots of invites for you! Lots of parties …
Next week is going to be SO Crazy.

NIGHT PASS: http://bit.ly/nightpass
FULL PASS: http://bit.ly/fullpass (BEST DEAL)
ALL OPTIONS: http://www.SummerSalsaFest.com/register.htm

Woohoo, Start Planning for next week!

Please Note: All Hotels, even our overflow, are selling out – so if you plan to stay downtown and haven’t already secured your hotel, you’ll want to get right on that.

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